A funny day

It’s been a funny day. I woke up feeling great – much more myself – very much an answer to prayer. However, I was just about to leave for the stag day I’m supposed to be at, when I collapsed in a heap and cried. I was wept, on-and-off, and uncontrollably, for about 2 hours. There was no reason for it. I can only put it in the category of “depression”.

1) a combination of tiredness, stress, fighting off a bug, giving blood on Wednesday night, and hundred other things…I’ve not slept well for about 3 nights now.
2) my hay fever tablets. I take loratadine, and have been on them on-and-off for a week or two. After Googling them Sally found that they can cause depression. Perhaps taking them after giving blood (and thus having a higher concentration of the stuff in my blood) made me really low.

Anyway. We eventually decided to both stay at home (which I feel very bad about). We’ve sat around in the garden, read the paper, enjoyed the nesting birds (more later), and written a few letters.

I can now empathise with people who’ve had depression. It was scary feeling out of control of my emotions. Just crying for no reason at all!

I can only hope that it doesn’t come back.