General Saturday Stuff

After the marathon bike post, a bit about today, which has been nice.

I cycled 25.5 miles out to Cricklade and back, the long way. A very nice route and mostly with the tailwind on the way back in. Took just over an hour and a half averaging nearly 17 mph. My best moment was doing 22.6 in a 20 mile-per-hour zone. Probably not something to be proud of but it made me smile!

This afternoon I was a bit wiped out. Felt quite dizzy and light-headed for most of it. I think I
overdo it when I go out cycling on my own.

I heard from an old friend who sounds very serious and grown up now. That was nice. Did some gardening, and then generally relaxed. Something I’m learning more about how to do these days.

Blimey – what a mundane post. I’m turning into a dull-as-dishwater, serial blogger. ARRGHH!!! Why did I feel the need to write that? No idea. Ho hum.