A good ride and a few new things

It’s Bike week!

To celebrate I did 13.75 miles round the hills of Wroughton and Chiseldon. A good hilly ride that I did with a really fit friend and actually managed to keep up!

This week I’ve discovered a funky kettle that heats water on demand in a few seconds. Genius. I’m forever switching the kettle on, walking off and then forgetting about it (repeat three times before ACTUALLY making a cup of coffee). It’s expensive but I reckon it’d pay for itself quickly (the manufacturer says 2 years) and save loads of energy too!

I also discovered Bikely.com further to my post about route planning, Bikely is now my favourite way of doing cycle routes. It gives gradient profiles, allows you to share routes, downloads routes so that you can do fly-throughs in Google Earth. The only thing it doesn’t really do is give you a decent map of a long route. You can get a crib sheet with vague directions but I would want to do a long ride on roads that I don’t know with just that. Recommended!