Cycle Logs

I’m strangely obsessed with tracking my cycle times!

I think the whole blogging thing, and tracking my life in general, started last year when I wasn’t well and wanted to record some of what was going on so that I could spot trends and try to work out what was causing me to be ill, or what was causing me to be well.

My sister has also been a bit of a role model for tracking fitness, I know she’s used various tools, electronic and paper, over the years to track her running alongside injuries, nutrition and other facts that are related.

A while back I wrote about where I store my routes. But I’ve recently been reviewing where I store my cycle logs too. All prompted by t1mmyb‘s little note on Twitter the other day.

I started out using Google Docs for tracking my times in a simple online spreadsheet. This was OK but when it started getting big and unmanagable I started looking for something better, and decided to stick with It’s a bit clunky but did a good job.

But Tim pointed me at A fab site which is slick, fast, looks nice and does some interesting things. It also allows you to have a “badge” that you can stick on your blog (look right and down), it integrates with Facebook, and has RSS feeds. I love it and I was an almost instant convert.

In fact, in an odd kind of way, it’s reinvigorated my waning passion for cycling. Tracking your times makes you want to improve your times! Perhaps having them on public display will make me want to do that all the more!!