Shopping, Beer, and Slugs

Sally and I made our approximately three-weekly trek to Sainsbury’s yesterday. Shopping is always interesting as we both have our little things we’re passionate about. Fair trade, free range, recycled, compostable, organic, low-energy, locally sourced, etc. And we’re fortunate enough to a) have the choice to buy these things b) be able to afford them! So our shopping bill is probably quite high for a two-person household.

We also seem to buy a LOT of cereals! I eat a combination of muesli, crunchy oat cereal and corn flakes for breakfast, and I snack on cereal bars during the day (either bought, or all-natural, home-made from…oats, muesli, seeds, dried fruit, honey, egg whites, and apple juice – recipe available on request). Cereals also last a long time so we stock up whenever we’re in the shops. I reckon about a third of our trolley load was cereals! Maybe I’m addicted to oats?

We were also astonished to find cheap beer. I mean CHEAP beer.

We’ve been using up some old, past-its-sell-by-date lager in beer traps to get the slugs in our garden (highly effective I might add!). But we’ve run out, so I bought some Sainsbury’s “Basics” bitter. For…wait for it…97p for 4 cans!!!

This is cheaper than coke! It’s probably cheaper than bottled water. I’ve heard about such beer on the news, but to actually see it in the shops is astounding.

Sally turned the cheap-beer thing into something light-hearted though by commenting that, because we’ve switched from lager to bitter, “we’ll probably catch the older, fatter slugs with beards now”.

We’ll wait and see!