The Bright Light

The elders used to speak of it.  A strange bright light in the sky.  It brought warmth and joy to the people.  But the light has not been seen for so long now that it’s existence has been relegated to myth and heresay.

It was said that the sky turned blue.  That people had to wear dark glass over their eyes to block out the light.  That it even caused people’s skin to turn different colours, like they were allergic to it.
But for as long as we can remember the sky has been grey, and we need to turn on lights rather than block them out, and our skin remains ever pale.
Until today.
Today we saw the light!  It’s real!  It exists!  It’s not a myth.  It was almost blinding.  It almost hurt.
Yes.  Today, we saw this thing they call “sun”.
And it brought warmth both to our skin and our hearts.
(For the record…we’ve had a pretty rubbish, overcast, wet summer.  So a bit of sun today was more than nice)