Cycling Corollorys

My cycling activities seem to be governed by sods law.  Here is a list of how I think the rule applies to cycling.

  1. The speed a cyclist attains is inversely proportional to the effort put in.  In the last couple of days I’ve done three rides.  Monday I flew without even trying.  Tuesday I went for it and was about 40 seconds slower.  Today I took it easy and enjoyed the ride and came in 20 seconds quicker than Tuesday.  How come???
  2. The probability of acquiring a puncture increases with the reciprocol of the distance being travelled.  I.e. the further you go the less likely you are to get a flat.  This makes no sense at all but the evidence speaks for itself; my first puncture I got whilst pushing my bike up the garden path; my second on a short errand into town.
  3. The chance of rain increases infinitely when you don’t have your waterproofs.  Need I say more?
  4. Headwind speed increases exponentially with tiredness.
  5. Someone always lights a bonfire at the top of a hill about 15 minutes before you arrive at the summit.
I’m sure there are many more.