The Harvest

We’ve been harvesting for a while now.  We got:
  • a good crop of onions;
  • numerous, but quite small, potatoes;
  • a few handfuls of tomatoes;
  • leeks; 
  • spring onions;
  • peas.
Not very much of each, though, as you can see, the potatoes and onions were pretty good.
We did have quite a big blight problem, which spread from the potatoes to the tomatoes.
The stuff is good.  The onions and spring onions are strong.  The potatoes colourful and good texture.  The tomatoes burst with sweet flavour.
We’ve done pretty well given the state of the patch when we started, our busy lives, the minimal time and effort we put in towards the end of the season, and the fact that this year was really just learning how to do it.
We approach next year with a better plan, and a better plot! We have experience, tools, less preparation to do, and the encouragement of next years harvest to look forward to!