Bike Shops

Fuzzy’s had some problems with wheels lately which has led me to reflect on my bike shop choice.

It started with the back wheel crunching and clanking a bit.  I was sure I recognised the noise and that it was something really simple, but I couldn’t track it down and ended up committing the wheel to my local shop.

Well, it’s not all that local really, but I like them. They’re friendly, honest and do a good deal.  In the past they’ve done most repairs same-day too.  I’ve never had a reason not to go there. They shall remain nameless for now.

I took the wheel in on Tuesday and was told it wouldn’t be ready until Friday at 4pm.  Hmm..OK.  Not hugely impressed but the fact that they’re busy is good right?  Means more bikes are in use!  Win!

Friday at 3:15pm, I call them to check that it’ll be ready.  There’s some conversation and some scrabbling around and I’m told it’ll be ready by 4 as promised.  I was not so convinced.

The wheel was ready by 4, but I wasn’t sure they’d done much to it.  I paid up and left half-satisfied.

Then the front-wheel started making similar noises.  I decided to try somewhere new.

The Big Adventure Store (I will name them as they’re excellent!) is a small shop for running, cycling, triathlon and adventure racing gear, with a bike clinic to boot!

It’s the right side of town, open ’til 7pm 4 days a week and run by people who really know their stuff.  It’s a little expensive and I was originally nervous about going there because I felt a little intimidated.

But, can I say, their bike guy is superb!  He not only clearly demonstrated that he’d properly serviced my wheel by describing the damage done to the cones and talking about replacing the bearings and grease, but he went the extra mile by tightening up the spokes and cleaning the rims and hub.  And for only a couple of pounds more.

I have a new favourite bike shop!

The Big Adventure Store was also busy and took several days to turn the work around.

It’s great news that Swindon’s bike shops are busy, but annoying that that busyness means that work is being rushed and that I have to wait to have work done.  Perhaps we need a new bike shop?!  Any takers?