• Bike! Hat! Wow!

    I’ve always been a keen cyclist in one way or another, and even more so since we moved to Swindon. So it’s quite amazing that its taken so long to get us using bikes as a family to get around. There’s been several reasons for this. For one, my ‘workhorse’ bike has had a wobbly […]

  • What Bike?

    The weather this spring is good and fuel prices are high, so it's the ideal time to consider the question "Could I cycle to work?" and, if so, what sort of bike should I get?

  • Relics

    Sometimes I find myself thinking "Did we? Did we REALLY cycle 50 miles?"

  • Local Travel Plan 3

    A few notes before I start this post, and hope it doesn’t turn into a rant. I’m really sorry that I’m turning into a transport geek/bore. I think the LTPs are a good thing. I know one of our council transport people a little and she’s brilliant, hard working, and very good at what she […]

  • Fixing Things 2 – Bicycle

    I headed out on Fuzzy to go to work one morning, only to find that the pedals spun freely in both directions. This is not normal and prevents the main function of the bicycle: forward propulsion.

  • Bike Shops

    I have a new favourite bike shop!