More free stuff!

Tree Planting
Yes, not just free buses, but lots of other good free stuff too.

I’ve been playing with DropBox, which is a really useful and well-implemented tool for synchronising files across computers and sharing them with others.’s mobile app for iPhone/iPod Touch finally became available in the UK iTunes App Store – I’m sure there are other apps for doing quick photo edits, but this is the only one I’ve seen and it seems good.  I hadn’t even realised that existed either, so I’ve been playing with that too.

And then there’s the best of all…free trees!  We’re getting involved with the BBC’s Tree o’Clock record-breaking tree planting attempt on December 5th.  The Great Western Community Forest are planting a load of trees on some land between Swindon and Wroughton, but you can plant your own individual tree as part of the effort too, and they’re giving them away!