Hats off to the Twitter Knitters

[Note: If you’ve offered to knit a hat, please head to the Hat Knitter’s page – and THANK YOU!]

I had a message from a friend of mine. Let’s call her Amy (names changed for privacy). Amy has a friend not-called Bea and Bea has a 4-year-old daughter, Charlie.  Charlie has recently been diagnosed with Leukaemia.  Charlie has just started chemotherapy and her hair has started to fall out.

Amy knows that my wonderful wife, Sally, is a dab hand with a pair of knitting needles. So Amy asked if Sally could knit a hat for Charlie.

But Sally is mum to our 8-week-old son, and barely has time to make a cup of tea, let alone knit.  It’s very much life-one-handed here at the moment!

So, I put a call out on Twitter.  I have a few creative followers and was pretty sure someone would be up to the challenge.

The response was amazing! I mean, I know things have gone way more viral, but I had a mass of re-tweets, new followers, and, of course, offers of hand-knitted hats.  The first within about two minutes from the generous and creative Jennifer Begg (@livefreerange).

The internet is AMAZING!