Well, that couldn’t have gone much better. Sally’s gone back to work now and I’m looking after Isaac on Wednesday mornings. And today has been a resounding success.

He started by wolfing down most of a Weetabix (other wholewheat cereals are available), after which we brushed his teeth. changed his nappy, and read a few books before, right on schedule, going down (with a little encouragement) for a LONG sleep.

That was followed by eating a biscuit, and episode of Raa Raa, and lunch – he refused the leftover risotto but ate a whole banana, half a piece of toast and some tomato.

Another nappy change followed by which point mummy was nearly home so we went to the front window to wave her in.

All interspersed with little bits of play, toddling around, and showing off (as he does).

There were no tears, and very little crying. Isaac was also unflustered by the whole thing.

I feel astonishingly competent. Today has been a major win. But…

We’ve learned that even the good times are just a phase. I will have bad days too.

Tomorrow is the first full day in nursery. Hmm…