• New game: “Daddy, Daddy!”

    Board game idea: "Daddy, Daddy" (Mummy version is also available). It's like snakes & ladders. The aim is to get out of the front door - the last square!

  • Please. Don’t. Play with the…

    With a pre-schooler, a simple activity, like trying to plug a hose into a water butt, turns into a mind-bending philosophical monologue.

  • Letting go – a parenting revelation

    I don’t write much about parenting and Isaac. This isn’t a parenting blog. But something has happened recently which has been quite monumental and I think it’s worth writing about. Background There’s a bit of background needed here. The first thing is that we’ve taken an approach to parenting that fits a lot of the […]

  • Success!

    Well, that couldn’t have gone much better. Sally’s gone back to work now and I’m looking after Isaac on Wednesday mornings. And today has been a resounding success. He started by wolfing down most of a Weetabix (other wholewheat cereals are available), after which we brushed his teeth. changed his nappy, and read a few […]

  • Prevent Accidental Shootings

    There has been a lot of discussion of America’s gun laws and culture recently after the school shooting in Conneticut. The danger of gun prevalence in the USA really hit home, though, as I was reading a book over Christmas.   I’ve been reading Armin Brott’s excellent ‘The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the […]

  • Breastfeeding: A Guide for Dads and Dads-to-be

    Well. I broke my ‘no parenting advice’ mantra by writing about cloth nappies. And it went down a treat, being published in the local NCT newsletter and retweeted by several people, including a big cloth nappy manufacturer, as a good article. So I figure I’m on a roll! And I kinda have a need to […]

  • Parenthood – the sum of my knowledge

    I found out the other day that a guy I know’s wife is pregnant. It’s funny how, as a newbie parent myself, it’s so tempting to offer advice. I also had a conversation this week with someone else who was talking about the dilemma of offering this kind of ‘help’. And the longer I am […]