• This Dude

    So. This dude. He just turned 7. Seven!!! Wow. What a journey. Gosh, we have had our struggles. And I’m grateful both to the dude himself and for the absolute rock that is my wife, Sally, for being so patient and unconditionally loving as we worked through those struggles. And…yes…I am gonna claim that I’m […]

  • New game: “Daddy, Daddy!”

    Board game idea: "Daddy, Daddy" (Mummy version is also available). It's like snakes & ladders. The aim is to get out of the front door - the last square!

  • A new addition: Ada Isabel

    I can't really keep a blog and then NOT post about such a massively life changing event as the arrival of a new child.

  • Please. Don’t. Play with the…

    With a pre-schooler, a simple activity, like trying to plug a hose into a water butt, turns into a mind-bending philosophical monologue.

  • Morning work

    I love a bit of typography and page layout early in the morning.

  • Letting go – a parenting revelation

    I don’t write much about parenting and Isaac. This isn’t a parenting blog. But something has happened recently which has been quite monumental and I think it’s worth writing about. Background There’s a bit of background needed here. The first thing is that we’ve taken an approach to parenting that fits a lot of the […]