Typical supper-time learnings: Will It Fly?

A typical conversation over an evening bowl of porridge in the Wintle household. This is how a) one of our children learns random stuff and b) Bedtime takes FOREVER.

So this all started with a trip to the atBristol science centre on Tuesday (it’s school holidays).

There was a small interactive video exhibit called “Will it fly?” which just showed you videos of bizarre early attempts at flight, including the epic-fail of the Gerhardt Cycle Plane.

Bedtime is nigh, and we’re about to have supper (which falls between bathtime and actually going to bed) when the child declares “I want to see ‘Will it fly?'”

So while porridge rotates in the microwave we pull out YouTube to see if we can find anything from “Will it fly”.

Amazingly, a YouTube search for “Will it fly” reveals a channel called “Flite Test” who do a series called “Will it fly” and the second of these results appears to be a video of them building and test-flying  a 10ft-tall replica CyclePlane.

Incredible! It works! (All be it in slighty-modified and battery-powered fashion)

Anyway, in the related results is then the same people making a 9ft-wide flying model of an Imperial Star Destroyer!

We then get talking about building planes and electronics and remote controls and how a drone might be easier to fly (or not) and how there might be a Millennium Falcon drone and….

Yes, this is why bedtime takes so long.