Creating and Consuming

I find that there is a constant tension in my life, and I think particularly in my industry – working on the web – between creating content and consuming content.

I always feel like I SHOULD create more content. But it’s hard because the content I consume always make my content feel low value, not as good, unworthy of being published. So I’m constantly catching up. And I catch up by consuming content.

It’s a vicious circle!

I’m currently feeling quite motivated to create.

I’m terrible at short form content but that’s what I want to make more of.

I’m scared of putting out something that’s not good enough, but I keep being reminded that I need to just start.

And I’m conscious of time – I know I keep on about it but being a parent sucks time for both consuming and creating content. So one really does need to be prioritised if it’s to get time and attention.

The recent move of lots of people off of Twitter and Facebook and onto more open platforms like and Mastodon, and things being said by wise people like Manton Reece and Rob Bell have really made me want to just make stuff again, and to make it on platforms I own and control, so that it’s properly MINE!

I love my blog, I’ve always loved writing and sharing. I’m going to try (again) to do more.