Things that are harder when you…STOP EATING THE GRASS LIKE A DOG…have small children!

I read some of what the internet says on productivity and I listen to podcasts that frequently refer to particular productivity practices. And I find a lot of it hard to consume because of the realities of living with small children around.

Here are some things that are hard to do when you have small children and are relatively dedicated to helping bring them up:

  • Wake when your body wants to, or at a correct point in the sleep cycle for waking up nicely
  • Get a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep
  • Adopt a consistent morning routine
  • Adopt a consistent evening routine
  • Work from home without interruption (unless you have a dedicated space, which even then can be invaded!)
  • Have a relaxing holiday
  • Meditate, pray or do exercise in the home on a regular basis and without a child coming along and asking “What are you doing?” or “Me have a go?”, jumping on you, pushing you over, making you laugh or otherwise getting in the way
  • Binge watch anything, or commit to watching anything on TV on a regular basis that isn’t Hey Duggee or The Octonauts
  • Plan your life to anything like a daily or sub-daily level for any great length of time

Of course, some of these things can be hugely joyful. Having a 2.5 year old try to join in your yoga or exercise is hilarious.  And I secretly openly love Hey Duggee – it bright, colourful, happy, charming and so much better than loads of other stuff on TV.

And yes, some other far-more-organised parents than I manage to do lots of these things.

But gosh it’s hard seeing what others are able to do, or recommend you do, to improve your life when you’re so busy improving the lives of other little people that depend on you.