The Week: 4th February 2019

Blimey, what a week! We’re about to start a whole new routine with my youngest starting pre-school and doing more hours there than she was in nursery, my wife taking on an extra half day and me…am I working more or just moving hours around? I can’t tell. Anyway, it’s crazy, and it starts today.

Last week’s snow messed things up a little with a school closure on Friday too.

Projects: what I’ve been up to

  • Still reviewing spec’s and working up a proposal for a new Laravel project. Keen to get going on this one if I can.
  • Finally got a long-outstanding, but really small project for a friend-of-a-friend live. It’s a couple of pages in a WordPress page-builder but has just been hanging around for so long. Smaller projects with no deadline often get put back and back. I’m going to try and stop taking them on.
  • More helping my friends at Hands Up with last minute project snags on a custom WordPress build. There’s been some tricky issues with redirects that have been pretty hard to debug.
  • Another small, slow-burning project has had some good progress and I met the client this week to talk them through. They’re really happy with things and we have just a few final tasks to get through before we may be able to “go live”! It was wonderful seeing them use what I made and enjoying the benefits the re-work of their old website has brought.
  • Helping a client fix some SPF records to fix outgoing mail. SPF comes up SO often. I’m sure many have documented it, but I need to write my own guide.

Posts: things I made

Pins: things I read and remembered

Have a great week!