Freelance Routines

I’m in some Facebook Groups full of busy family people who are also freelancers and entrepreneurs. Every now and then the question of “how do you fit things into your routine” is asked. And I just posted a hefty answer of my own, so thought I’d copy it here. Maybe some tips for people with families and business or homeworkers on health and housework.

My partner is employed but only 3.5 days a week. We have one kid at a preschool and one at school – they are in opposite directions but the school is really close to home.

I work freelance and flexibly. And I have a small and very cheap office I rent that’s about 3.5 miles from home.

We have a pretty good routine for getting the kids and adults to the right places. But have also struggled with household stuff and social time. Especially as our little one (4) won’t do bedtime with me very easily, older one (8) is resisting independence and needs chivvying though bedtime until 9ish.

Cleaning and some household stuff has just been done as and when due to the chaos of having a sub-four-year old around for the last 8 years. We’re just about feeling like we could make some kind of rota for jobs now, and include 8yo on it. But really…do the important stuff and don’t worry if you don’t get to dust or hoover for weeks on end. You’re not the only one and you need some personal time too.

BUT…I often combine chores with personal time. Listen to music or podcasts while washing up, hoovering or mowing the lawn, for example.

I get exercise by cycling to and from my office when I can. Its awesome exercise without really having to think about it. I have an extended route I can use if I have time for extra “gym” activity. If you don’t have a commute then going for a run, brisk walk or bike ride around your local streets is a good way. Invent a commute – it acts as a transition time between home and work life too. Super helpful.

I also just bought some small dumbbell weights from Aldi (Aldi and Lidl both have fitness kit in the “silly aisles” right now!) and I’m doing reps with those, or push ups or crunches, in my few minutes of break time each hour (I run a sort-of Pomodoro technique). This will hopefully get me extra calories burned through the day and some extra strength built up without the travel and financial costs of a gym.

So I guess I’m trying to integrate these things together. Make the personal care an integral part of the routines I’m working with.

I don’t always get it right, but it seems to work well.

And when 4yo goes to school in September hopefully everything will be a load easier!