The Podcast I’ve Never Made

I’ve often felt the peer pressure of the podcasting bandwagon. I’ve always resisted on the basis that the world really doesn’t need another white tech dude mouth-blogging.

But I’ve often wondered what would it look like for me to have a podcast or be on a podcast on a regular basis. And recently I’ve had reason to think about this properly.

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. It would be short, with a hard-limit of 20 minutes, a goal of 15 minutes, and a stretch-goal of 10.
  2. It would be at least weekly (to keep cadence) but with bonus episodes as and when I have stuff to talk about.
  3. It would not just be me and it would ideally feature another person that is not a white man. And I would love to use it to promote the work of others who fly under the radar.
  4. It would not be sponsored. It would be for the joy of sharing what I know and what I do with others.
  5. It would be primarily, not only about tech. My world is richer than that and I love learning about all sorts of things.
  6. Related to 5, it would be carefully named so as to not limit the topic or audience. And who cares about the SEO anyway?!
  7. I would be allowed to be critical, but it would never be personal. HOWEVER any critique would always be balanced with positivity. I would expect any co-host and the audience to hold me to this.
  8. It would be fun and have energy. Perhaps modelled on the XKCD concept of “you’re one of todays lucky 10,000“.
  9. I would love the format to be different or original in some way, to inject some kind of creativity into people’s feeds. There would have to be something about it that is unlike all the other podcasts I listen to.

What would your imaginary podcast look like?