Let’s Clean Up PHPStorm Part 2 – A 5 Minute Window

Today I’ll finish cleaning up PHP Storm:

Here’s the list of remaining tasks:

  • Browser icons bar (only shows in some files)

There’s this browser icons bar that shows up in some file types. Let’s see…

Let’s turn that off. It’s annoying.

That’s better!

  • Error bar (hover, three dots)

There’s also this error bar. It’s difficult to hide. Do this…

That’s better – errors are shown inline and in the scroll bar anyway.

  • Navigation bars – delete items

You can clean up the navigation bars as you like.

Do what you like with that!

  • Status bar – delete items

The bottom bar is easier to delete from…

Better – only what I need.

  • Material Atom Icons

Let’s install the Material Icons too – they’re colourful!

  • Select “Light” theme (not in Material settings) to get dark title bar

Finally, I like a light theme with a dark title bar…

I think you need to restart for the title bar…


There we go. It’s just called “Light”

And we’re done!

Oh! Font sizes!!

Settings for this are all over the place. Let’s do some…

I’m old. My eyes are failing me. What can I say?! 🙂

What do you think? Do I look good like this?