Let’s Clean Up PHPStorm Part 1 – A 5 Minute Window

Someone asked if I could show how I got PHPStorm set up to look so nice.

So, because PHPStorm is complex and some of these things are hard to find, this video is…


We can get started by resetting to the default settings. This, fortunately, saves a backup of
the current settings.

Here we are then.

Let’s make the text bigger.

That’s better

Now let’s get started tidying up.

My approach here is to hide as much as possible, keep only what I actually need to see
and use the keyboard for as many things as possible.

  • New UI

In v2022.3 there is a new UI that you can enable.

  • Material Theme

Now let’s add the “Material” theme.

  • Move tool windows around

I like my main Tool Windows on the right.

  • Sublime Text keymap

I also came from Sublime Text and those shortcuts are pretty well ingrained in muscle memory!

  • Navigation bar -> Top

I’m going to remove tabs next, so let’s move the nav bar to the top so that I know where I am.

  • Tab placement -> None

Now I can remove tabs because I’ll be using keyboard to switch and navigate files.

Cool. Let’s do the rest tomorrow!!