Website pt 3 – A 5 Minute Window


Or whatever time of day.

Yesterday was a bit longer than 5 minutes.

5 minutes is an aspiration, not a hard limit!

No apologies here!!

Let’s continue building a website.

We have the starter kit and I was adding my first card component. But it was a bit weird.

Turns out I just needed to wait for the build. It runs every 5 seconds.

Let’s start the loop again!

Nice. Here’s how we’re looking…

We’re working in VS Code… let’s sort that spacing!

That’ll do.

Now I want a grid. But…


I’ve never really used CSS Grid, so it’s flexbox all the way!!

Hmm… only one card! Weird.

Did I save? facepalm

That will do for now.

I’ll add some content offline, and maybe we can deploy in the next video!