Website pt 2 – A 5 Minute Window


I’m not sure how this will go today. I don’t have much of a plan.

We’re building a website though.

Infrastructure is in place (See the last video).

The site is a simple index for a domain I own:

I build small side projects on subdomains of this. And I want a landing page to show
what is there.

I’ve seen a new component library for TailwindCSS recently called…


So I’m going to try that out.

My CSS and front-end may be a bit rusty, so bear with me!

We’re working in VS Code…

My little starter kit doesn’t have hot reloading or anything, but I run the
build script in a loop…

Like this:

> while true; do ./; sleep 5; done;

Hang on – where IS this site?

Ah yes, veryuseful.test!

Let’s grab the card component…

Let’s see what the parts of this are.

Need to include it in the main template first!

What happened?

Ah! Didn’t save the card. Silly me.

Not helpful. I’ll do some more work and pick it up tomorrow.

Hopefully you see how the little framework is helpful though.

That’s at…

Good night!