New Clothes!

I don’t buy many clothes.

I don’t like buying clothes.

But I needed to buy clothes.

And so I bought clothes.

In the sale.

I bought three nice jumpers, a pair of jeans, and a new hat! From a more-premium outlet. For an average ticket price of under £15!

Seriously, the hat was the second most expensive item!!

I confess, I was partly embarrassed about wearing the same boring things over and over on Zoom calls.

But now I have different hat styles. And different coloured jumpers. They were literally all grey and blue before.

So now I can mix it up a bit more. Like my incredibly well-dressed Zoom-based colleagues do EVERY day!

And it was fun!!

And exciting.

And everyone likes the new hat!

Do I feel bad about indulging in retail therapy?


Because, I don’t do fast fashion.

I buy few clothes and make them last a long time.

But it really was fun.

And I’m very proud of myself.

I _almost_ posted a selfie.