• I don’t want that news to one day be about me

    Gosh I’m angry. I may regret writing. This morning, shortly after waking, I heard some news. It wasn’t about anyone close to me. It involved a family, of which I’ve met the mother once. The father had died; suddenly and way before his time. I desperately don’t want to make some kind of political point […]

  • Middle…everything?

    I feel like I'm in a stereotypical, middle-class, middle-England, middle-aged parody of my own life.

  • Verso

    So…after much deliberation, and with a hint of guilt, we put a deposit on a new car today. It was not a quick or easy decision, but our old car is fast approaching 100’000 miles, is slowly generating a few faults, and with the arrival of Isaac, is just too small – once the buggy […]

  • Routine

    I’m a far-from-compulsively over-organised person and I like to think that I’m quite balanced: we need to be organised to get things done, but being TOO organised can, in my opinion, hinder your work. But…it’s gotten a little too chaotic around here. I’m not overloaded. It’s actually been quite quiet of late. But with working […]

  • What’s Next Then?

    Work is a topic that I've pretty much banned myself from writing about here. But I feel its time has come. Not my current work, job, or career. No. It's time to start talking about what might be next.

  • Downtime

    Well, sorry folks, it’s been over a month. Which kinda counts as downtime for me I suppose. There was also…shock!!…downtime on the Blog caused by me fiddling with subdomains. 1 I’ve not been completely anti-social-networking, in fact, I’ve been pretty busy building WordPress blogs/sites and doing some web/communications/social media consultancy, and that’s been taking up […]

  • It's Church Jim, but not as we know it!

    We have a new church. Well, there's no building, and no official organisation. There are people, but not many. And you know what? It's amazing!!

  • Simple things

    In a week where there's not been much good news, some things, the simple things, are looking pretty good still!