The Week(s): 1st, 8th and 15th October 2018!

October has been manic and I’ve been down on my content-production. Here’s a quick summary in projects, posts and pins!

Projects: what I’ve been up to

  • General WordPress project work: tweaks to recently completed projects, starting off some new smaller projects, and working on a slight re-design of a site that I made that is for a project that’s having a bit of a re-launch.
  • Support and tweaks to a WordPress + LearnDash website. This has involved adding some security, debugging ReCAPTCHA’s, and making some nicer forms.
  • Dealing with a seemingly-targetted hack on a prominent website that I help look after. The hosting company spent a lot of time on this with us and I’m very grateful for their help. We eventually decided it was safe to roll back to a backup of the site, but we lost a few days of data and I’ve been working through TWO backed up copies of the database to piece together important, missing data, line-by-line. This has actually set me back a couple of days and I’m still running a bit behind. 
  • Dealing with another issue that looked like a possible hack, but turned out to be a client’s hosting company (no names!) doing something they shouldn’t have without telling us.

Posts: things I made

Pins: things I read and remembered

Have a great week!