Is Turbo Admin for sale?

One of the reasons I keep on with Turbo Admin is that I’ve had some major validation of the idea in the form of investment offers and even – no, I can’t believe it either – offers to buy it!

I’ve been really encouraged by these offers. Here’s my thoughts on the idea of selling it:

  • Too many independent software projects are being bought up. I’m determined for it to stay indie – for now at least!
  • I enjoy making it and I learn from making it. Perhaps a buyer would pay me to keep working on it? Or I could just find another project. But it’s my little hobby thing for now.
  • It’s definitely a thing that I make, in part at least, for myself to use! I literally use it all the time. I used it to log in to this site and start writing this post. I don’t want someone else to own the roadmap. I know what I want it to be. I don’t want it to be a lead generator or a nice add-on business to something much bigger. I want it to be a useful tool for WordPress users.
  • There’s a really nice group of dedicated customers (THANK YOU!) who love the product. I like being able to serve them personally.
  • It’s not (yet) in a state where I think it’s worth someone buying from me! It has lots of potential, but I want to realise more of that by myself before I would consider it something that is sellable. So I won’t rule it out in the future. But the buyer would have to promise to keep it what it is.

There may be benefits to it having a bigger owner. Development might be faster. Support too (but support requests are SO rare).

I’m honestly flattered by the offers. Maybe one day it will make sense to sell it? But for now it’s staying with me. I hope that’s OK.

If people want to keep making me offers, I’m totally happy to receive them. It’s a very lovely and encouraging thing!

And if customers think I should sell it, let me know. I’d be keen to hear what you think.