Eeek! What does Gutenberg Phase 3 mean for Turbo Admin

Turbo Admin features to be in WordPress core! šŸ™Œ

TheĀ WordPressĀ Gutenberg Phase 3 announcement is very interesting for me.


Because it will be disruptive for my Turbo Admin plugin/browser extension.

An admin redesign is in the works which, especially if done in React, may make Turbo Admin impossible to run.

Fortunately they are also considering adding their own “global search & command component” so Turbo Admin may no longer be needed (this is a GOOD thing – I’d much rather this were in core!)

They also want to refine list tables, which I’m currently working on enhancing with Turbo Admin! Again, this is great news because it benefits everyone.

I hate to say “I told you so”! šŸ˜‰

But you know what?

I’m going to take this as huge validation for my work ā€“ turns out I was way ahead of the curve in some of this stuff!!

But it does present a dilemma: what to do with Turbo Admin!?

How long will it be until these new things exist?

Will there still be a need for it after an admin redesign?

Should I just open source it now and call it a day?

For now, I use Turbo Admin daily and would now find the WordPress dashboard pretty confusing without it.

It strikes me that so many plugins integrate deeply with the WordPress dashboard that making a new admin that doesn’t break everything will be a huge task. Especially when the main focus of Phase 3 is collaboration. The redesign seems like a side-quest.

So this won’t happen quickly. And my intention is to keep making Turbo Admin better – for me if not for everyone else.

But there are questions, and I’ll be figuring these things out in the coming months.

With thanks to all who love and support Turbo Admin. It’s only $35 so it’s STILL good value if you want some of Gutenberg’s Phase 3 features in all your WordPress dashboards today!!