General Update

I’ve not written much lately but have some free time so it’s a catchup kinda day. We’ve been on holiday (write-up of holiday thoughts to come) and feel a bit out of things, but we’re slowly returning to normality.


Continuing long rides into work and doing my 8.5 mile route most days now. Having new gear (the race blades and heart-rate monitor – review to come) has inspired me a bit and fitness has been getting up along with my mileage.

Fuzzy just had a good clean, but needs a couple of repairs after I took a fall in the rain not long ago, and crashed into a girl the other day. He continues to be my trusty steed and probably my third love in the world!

Of course, with the warm weather and long days, cycling is highly enjoyable at the moment.


Not getting as much attention as it should but doing well. We continue to fight slugs (beer traps have become less effective but we’ve taking to night-tie garden trips to kill them and are now using certified “Growing Success” stuff to keep them at bay) and harvest strwaberries. The strawberries have had no attention but have cropped first and delivered lots of tasty fruit already. Excellent!

Here’s the garden a couple of weeks ago:

The potatoes, in the foreground, continue to grow well, and the onions are looking good too:


Generally we’re pretty well. Sal is busy with work, I’m ticking over nicely in the office and not getting stressed – a far cry from last years troubles.

The church plant thinking is pretty much on hold while we wait for God to speak or for things to happen. And there’s lots of exciting news from friends with babies being born, people going off to become vicars/ministers.

I also led worship for the first time last week, which was very exciting. For those that don’t know what this means, I basically led the music for a church service; I picked the songs, did a little bit of arranging, made sure everyone knew what they were doing, organised the rehersal and introduced and led the songs themselves. It’s important that this wasn’t something great that I did, I love my God and it was all about getting other people to connect with Him and show their adoration for Him. But it was an important event for me too, so I mention it here state that it went well and that I enjoyed it, and then I leave it.

Life is good!