The week: 10th September 2018

Having seen someone else do similar, I thought I’d summarise my week in projects, posts, and pins. This is probably as much for my benefit as anything, but let me know if you find it interesting or helpful. Use the comments – I’m happy to tweak the format to make it more useful for others.

Projects: what I’ve been up to

It was back to work “full time” this week as kids went back to school. 

  • I can now say that the site I launched the week before was for a brilliant little Devon-based charity called CAP UK that do assault prevention education, workshops and resources.

    This is the first project where I’ve not had to work with a graphic designer – I did some iterative design in the browser and that was sufficient. So I’m not officially a “web designer” as well as a “web developer”! I’m pretty proud of what we’ve achieved and it came in under budget too. (P.S. Thanks to for the free charity hosting!)
  • I finished off building a small, Laravel-based proxy API for MailChimp.

    The client was sending requests from a third-party tool into MailChimp and they were sometimes getting lost in transit, and the third party tool had no logs or error checking or anything.

    This proxy takes the request, validates it, and passes it on to MailChimp. The benefit of the proxy is that it logs ALL signup attempts, regardless of validity, and records errors that come back from the MailChimp API.
  • I did some post-go-live snagging on a recently launched WordPress site.
  • I worked more on SchoolBot to try to get it to a point where I can demo it to demonstrate its usefulness. It now does better keyword recognition (though still not natural language processing), and has a number of new APIs that allow data to be got into a website using the WordPress plugin that I’m building alongside it. This remains a non-public project, and is only really for my own use and testing.

Posts: things I made

Wow – after really posting a lot in the previous week, last week I managed a grand total of ZERO blog posts. I will try to do better this week. I guess that’s what going back to work does! But I did dig up and share some old content that was relevant this week:

Pins: things I read and remembered

Things I’ve bookmarked this week

Have a great week!